DiskAgent Price Plan

You are only billed for services you activate on a computer or phone.
Days Free 30 days The number of days after signup until any other fees begin to apply.

Computer Services - Monthly Subscription

Supported on Windows XP through Windows 10.
Service Price/Month Description
Backup $4.95 per computer A recurring monthly flat fee (per machine) for continuous, secure backup to a local or remote resource.
Remote Wipe & Recover $3.95 per computer Remotely delete backed-up content, or wipe the entire machine; track & recover with local law enforcement.
Offsite data storage 1 GB free,
$0.49 per GB
Stores your encrypted backup redundantly, in secure east and west coast data centers (in EU for European users).

Computer Services - Lifetime

Supported on Windows XP through Windows 10.
Service One-Time Price Description
Remote Wipe $19.95 per computer Remotely wipe a lost or stolen computer.

Smartphone Services

Supported on Android.
Smartphone Service Annual Price/Phone Description
Security $19.95 Remote-wipe, lock, or ring your smartphone (even if set to vibrate).
GPS Tracking** $19.95 Track your GPS-enabled smartphone's location.
Text Message Auditing $24.95 Archive and search a phone's text message history.**
Security + GPS $34.95 Combo discounts
GPS Tracking + Text Auditing $39.95  
Security + Text Auditing $39.95  
Security + GPS Tracking + Text Auditing $49.95  
* works only on jailbroken iPhones up to iOS 4.2.1 with Cydia app store.


Free DiskAgent Data Protection Account Form

All DiskAgent data protection products are available for immediate download and installation from within a free DiskAgent Data Protection Account. Open your DiskAgent Data Protection account now and receive a free 30 day trial period of all DiskAgent data protection products for you and your business. Data protection products are available for installation on as many computers and smartphones as you desire from the Install DiskAgent tab in your DiskAgent Data Protection account.
Protect your sensitive data now through your DiskAgent Data Protection Account. If at any point in the first 30 days of your trial period you are unhappy with the product(s) - simply cancel the service for the product(s) and you pay nothing. When you continue with the DiskAgent product(s) after the 30-day FREE trial period, we will bill your credit card for the product(s) you elect to continue each following month. You may cancel at any time.
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